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Sp.470 Taiwan Mountains Postage Stamps – Mount Cilai

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Stamp SN D470
Stamp Name Sp.470 Taiwan Mountains Postage Stamps – Mount Cilai
Stamp Cat Standard Special Stamps
Stamp Cat Forest, Scenic Spots, Parks, Leisure Activitics
Issue date 2004-10-16
Suspersion date
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 40 x 30 (mm)
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer China Color Printing Co., Ltd.
Photographer Chen Bing-yuan
Creative Director
Sheet composition 20 (5 × 4)
Print color Colorful
Process Deep etch offset
Paper Phosphorescent stamp paper
Perforation 11 1/2 x 11
To convey the magnificence of Taiwan’s mountains and raise the quality of ROC citizens’ recreational activities in the mountains, Chunghwa Post is basing its “Taiwan Mountains” series of four sets of stamps on majestic mountains in Taiwan. It has already issued sets on Mount Jade, Mount Hsueh and Mount Nanhu. The fourth set —“Mount Cilai”—will feature four stamps: (1) “Cilai’s Main Peak”, (2) “Cilai’s Northern Peak,” (3) “Cilai’s Southern Peak” and (4) the “Grasslands of Mount Cilai.” To accommodate with the 2004 National Mountain-climbing Day, these stamps will be released on October 16, 2004.Mount Cilai is located inside Taroko National Park, in the middle section of the main ridge of the Central Range, on the boarder of Sioulin Rural Township, Hualian County and Renai Rural Township, Nantou County. It sits across from Mount Hehuan. The main peak of Mount Cilai, at an elevation of 3,560 meters, is flat and open and provides for great views. The northern peak of Mount Cilai is precipitous while the southern peak is magnificent and elegant. With its winding steep and craggy ridges aligned like the teeth of a saw, Mt. Cilai offers a ghostly and cold visual impression.
(1) First Day Cover in small size to be sold at NT$2.00 apiece.(2) Folder especially prepared for the stamps to be sold at NT$5.00 apiece.(3) Folder with crystal mount for better protection of the stamps to be sold at NT$5.00 apiece.(4) Loose-leaf stamp album page with plastic cover to be sold at NT$8.00 apiece.(5) Pre-cancelled First Day Cover affixed with a low-value stamp to be sold at NT$7.00 apiece.(6) Pre-cancelled First Day Cover affixed with a complete set of stamps to be sold at NT$49.00 apiece.(7) Taiwan Mountains Postage Stamps Pictorial – Mount Cilai to be sold at NT$180.00 apiece.(8) Deluxe collection with 4 postage stamps pictorials each depicting Mount Jade (Issued in 2001), Mount Hsueh (Issued in 2002), Mount Nanhu (Issued in 2003) and Mount Cilai respectively to be sold at NT$750.00 apiece.