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Special 46  Famous Chinese - Chiu Ching- Portrait Stamp (1967)

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Stamp SN D046
Stamp Name Special 46  Famous Chinese - Chiu Ching- Portrait Stamp (1967)
Stamp Cat Standard Special Stamps
Stamp Cat Martyrs
Issue date 1967-07-15
Suspersion date
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 27x37
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer China Engraving & Printing Works, R.O.C.
Designer Yen Ki-shih
Engraver Pao Liang-yu
Creative Director
Sheet composition 10×5
Print color
Process Intaglio
Paper 76-lb〝郵〞(post) watermarked paper
Back Gumless
Perforation 11 1/2

  Continuing the issue of Famous Chinese Portrait series, another one stamp was issued on July 15, 1967, the 60th anniversary of the death of the martyr Chiu Ching.

  Miss Chiu Ching (1875-1907) was born at Shaohsing, Chekiang province. She went to Japan to acquire a higher education and began to participate in the activity of the Revolutionary Party organized by Dr. Sun Yat-sen. After her return to China, as one of Dr. Sun's most ardent followers, she engaged in the revolutionary campaign for overthrowing the Manchu regime, when she served as the principal of Ta-Tung School in Shaohsing, Chekiang. She was successful in establishing her revolutionary headquarters, securing arms and forming the underground forces. Unfortunately, her secret activities were later discovered by the Manchu authorities and she was arrested by surprise. She was ruthlessly executed on July 15, 1907. Her sacrifice and heroic spirit when facing death won for her national adoration as the first lady martyr in the history of the Chinese Revolution.