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Special 19 Ancient Chinese Art Treasures Stamps (1961)

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Stamp SN D019
Stamp Name Special 19 Ancient Chinese Art Treasures Stamps (1961)
Stamp Cat Standard Special Stamps
Stamp Cat Antiques
Issue date 1961-02-01
Suspersion date
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 27.5 x 38或 38 x 27.5
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer Printing Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, Japan
Photographer Liu Pao-chin
Creative Director
Sheet composition 10×5 or 5×10
Print color
Process Photogravure
Paper Photogravure stamp paper
Perforation 12 1/2

  Desiring to acquaint the public with early Chinese culture and to make Chinese art treasures available for popular appreciation, a set of 〝Ancient Chinese Art Treasures〞 postage stamps was issued in three series with 18 ancient Chinese art masterpieces as the central designs. These were selected from the Palace Museum and from the Central Museum collection. The detailed descriptions of the postage stamps of three series are listed hereunder:

0.80 Shang Dynasty (1751-1111 B.C.) Wine Vase (Yu), Bronze.

1.20 Sung Dynasty (960-1126 A.D.) Lilac Purple in shape of 〝Tsun〞, Porcelain.

2.50 Ming Dynasty (1368-1661 A.D.) Jade Flower Vase, Jade.

1.00 Chou Dynasty (1111-771 B.C.) Cauldron (Ting) made by Duke Mao, Bronze.

1.50 Chou Dynasty (1111-771 B.C.) Perforated Tube (Ts'ung), Jade.

2.00 Ming Dynasty (1368-1661 A.D.) Jug in Shape of Monk's Cap with Ruby Red Glaze, Porcelain.

0.80 Ching Dynasty (1662-1991 A.D.) Palace Perfumer Decorated in Variegated Enamel, Porcelain.

1.00 Period of Warring States (770-221 B.C.) Corn Vase (Kuei) of Wu, made by Marquis of Chen, Bronze.

1.50 Chou Dynasty (1111-771 B.C.) Flat Bowl (P'an) made in State San, Bronze.

2.00 Sung Dynasty (960-1126 A.D.) Jade Tankard, Jade.

4.00 Southern Sung Dynasty (1127-1279 A.D.) Washer Glazed in Pale Blue, Porcelain.

4.50 Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-8 A.D.) Jade Chimaera, Jade.

1.00 Period of Warring States (770-221 B.C.) Squat Pouring Vase (Ho) with Phoenix shaped Neck, Bronze.

2.40 Ming Dynasty (1368-1661 A.D.) Vase Decorated in Under-glaze Red, Porcelain.

3.60 Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-8 A.D.) Perforated Disc (Pi), Jade.

0.80 Ching Dynasty (1662-1911 A.D.) Topaz Twin Wine Vessel, Jade.

3.00 Shang Dynasty (1751-1111 B.C.) Wine Vase (Tsun) with 〝T'ao-t'ieh〞 Pattern, Bronze.

3.20 Ching Dynasty (1662-1911 A.D.) Covered Jar Decorated in Over-glaze Red, Porcelain.