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Special 1 Austerity Movement for Reconstruction Issue (1941)

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Stamp SN D001
Stamp Name Special 1 Austerity Movement for Reconstruction Issue (1941)
Stamp Cat Standard Special Stamps
Stamp Cat Navigation, Railway, Economy
Issue date 1941-06-21
Suspersion date
Dimension of stamps(mm.) Stamps 42×22.5 Souvenir sheets 156×167
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer Chung Hwa Book Co.,Hongkong
Creative Director
Sheet composition 10×10
Print color
Process Intaglio
Back Souvenir sheets gumless
Perforation 郵票12 1/2 Souvenir sheets imperforate

  In 1938 the Emergency National Convention of Kuomintang Party adopted a set of resolutions for national reconstruction during wartime, of which the four important ones respection the economic reconstruction were as follows:

(1) To put into practice a well planned economy, to encourage investments by the people overseas and in the country, and to expand wartime production;

(2) To cultivate waste lands and to improve the waterways;

(3)To open mines and to build up an industrial foundation;

(4)To improve the communication system, to organize joint land, water, and air transport, to build more railways, and open additional new air lines, etc.

  In 1941 the Sino-Japanese War turned in China's favor strengthening the people's confidence in our final victory. To implement the above-mentioned resolutions of national reconstruction, the Postal Administration adopted a design for a large-size stamp showing prosperous farms, good communications, rich mines, and productive factories.

  On the same day the souvenir sheet (156 mm. × 167 mm.) consisting of the six denominations, was issued, which was the first souvenir sheet issued in this country.