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Commemorative 69 100th Anniversary of Eminent Engineer Mr. Jeme Tien-yow’s Birthday Commemorative Issue (1961)

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Stamp SN B069
Stamp Name Commemorative 69 100th Anniversary of Eminent Engineer Mr. Jeme Tien-yow’s Birthday Commemorative Issue (1961)
Stamp Cat Standard Commemorative Stamps
Stamp Cat Railway, Science, Individuals
Issue date 1961-04-26
Suspersion date
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 24 x 35或35 x 24
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer China Engraving & Printing Works, R.O.C.
Designer Liu Chih-yen
Engraver Li Pin-chien & Chen Lien-huei
Creative Director
Sheet composition 10×10
Print color
Process Intaglio
Paper 80-lb woodfree printing

Back Gumless
Perforation 11 1/2
  Mr. Jeme Tien-yow was born in 1861 at Namhoi in the province of Kwangtung. The centennial of his birthday was on April 26, 1961. Mr. Jeme, an eminent Chinese engineer, went to United States for studies during his boyhood.After his return to China, he devoted himself as a pioneer-engineer and innovative administrator in the railroad industry for over 30 years. One of his greatest achievements was the designing and construction of the Peiping-algan Railway, covering a length of over 360 li, winding through a mountainous region characterized by crags and hazardous curves. It was generally considered, even during the planning stage as one of the most challenging tasks facing any contemporary railroad builder. Due to Mr. Jeme's engineering talents and tireless efforts, the railroad was duly completed in August 1909, the time taken for the construction being about four years. It was the first railway ever built by a Chinese engineer up to that time, so its inauguration was a grand occasion, winning the praise and admiration of many both at home and abroad.  Mr. Jeme, being a scholar-ngineer, with great zeal throughout his lifetime led Chinese engineers to consolidate their efforts toward the construction work of the country. The Chinese Institute of Engineers, an organization well known in China today for its outstanding achievements, was founded by Mr. Jeme who was its first president.  Since 1961 was the 50th year of the founding of the Chinese Institute of Engineers and also the 100th anniversary of Mr. Jeme Tien-yow's birthday, a set of commemorative stamps in his honor was issued. Two different designs of stamps, one in vertical type and the other horizontal, both have as their central subject Mr. Jeme Tien-yow's portrait and a locomotive, then in use on the Peiping-Kalgan Railway. The background is a tunnel at Pataling, one of the scenic spots along the railway line.