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Commemorative 18 Equal Treaties Commemorative Issue (1945)

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Stamp SN B018
Stamp Name Commemorative 18 Equal Treaties Commemorative Issue (1945)
Stamp Cat Standard Commemorative Stamps
Stamp Cat Chiefs Of State, National Flags, Countries, Maps
Issue date 1945-07-07
Suspersion date
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 39x29.5
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer American Bank Note Co. of New York
Creative Director
Sheet composition (5×10)×2
Print color
Process Intaglio & offset
Perforation 12
  On October 10, 1942, the United States and Britain notified China of their readiness to abrogate the extraterritorial rights and the rights of stationing troops in China, as well as their willingness to sign with us new treaties on the basis of equality. On January 11, 1943 the Sino-American and Anglo-Chinese equal treaties were signed at Washington and Chungking by China, U.S.A.and Great Britain, which became effective after the exchange of ratification documents on May 20 in the same year.  In the stamps issued to commemorate the signing of these treaties, the map of China is in the upper left portion with the Goddess of Peace at its left side upholding a torch illumining the whole country. Below are the flags of China, Great Britain, and United States of America. In the shield-shaped frame on the right side is the portrait of Chairman Chiang Kai-shek. In two smaller panels one above the other at the bottom are the characters ﹞"中華民國郵政"( Postal Administration of the Republic of China) and"民國三十二年"( 32nd year of the Republic). The numeral"1943" appears in the middle part of the map to indicate the year in which the new treaties were signed.  These stamps consisting of six denominations valued from $1 to $20 were printed by the American Bank Note Co. in intaglio process with the flags colored red and blue by the offset process.