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Commemorative 3 National Revolution Commemorative Issue (1912)

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Stamp SN B003
Stamp Name Commemorative 3 National Revolution Commemorative Issue (1912)
Stamp Cat Standard Commemorative Stamps
Stamp Cat Chiefs Of State, Countries
Issue date 1912-12-15
Suspersion date 1913-01-01
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 29.5x22
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer Printing Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, Peking
Designer Lorenzo J. Hatch
Engraver William A. Grant
Creative Director
Sheet composition C3.1-3.9 10×10
C3.10-3.12 5×10
Print color
Process Intaglio
Perforation 14
With the success of the revolution, started at Wuchang and climaxed by the downfall of the Ching Dynasty and the founding of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yat-sen assumed the office of the Provisional President of China. Preparations were made for the printing of two sets of commemorative stamps-one in commemoration of the Revolution and the other for the Founding of the Republic. Dr.Sun's portrait was used as the design for the former and the map of China bearing an inscription 〝中華民國〞(Republic of China) for the latter. Just at the time when the printing was completed and the stamps were about to be issued, Dr. Sun retired. Yuan Shih-kai (袁世凱), who became the frst President of China, strongly objected to the map stamps, insisting that the issue should bear his own portrait. Finally the map stamps were abandoned in favor of a set of new stamps with Yuan's portrait as the central design. They were issued simultaneously with the Revolution Commemorative Stamps bearing Dr. Sun Yat-sen's portrait. In general, the layouts of the two sets of commemorative stamps are alike. Both have a portrait in the center, around which is a circular panel bearing the Chinese inscription 〝中華民國光復紀念 〞(National Revolution) in the first set,〝中華民國共和紀念〞(Founding of the Republic) in the second set. The first set is decorated with a head of rice stalk on either side of the portrait. The second set has a head of wheat stalk on each side.  The two sets comprise twelve denominations value from 1¢ to $5 each and bear the same face value and color for each denomination.