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Def. 127  Personal Greeting Stamps—The Language of Flowers  

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Stamp SN A127
Stamp Name Def. 127  Personal Greeting Stamps—The Language of Flowers  
Stamp Cat Standard Definitive Stamps
Stamp Cat Flowers
Issue date 2007-05-28
Suspersion date
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 32 ×32 (mm)
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer Cardon Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Drawer Chang Hsiao-wei
Creative Director
Sheet composition 20 (5 × 4)
Print color Colorful
Process Deep etch offset
Paper Phosphorescent stamp paper
Perforation 12 1/2
Personal greeting stamps are customized postage stamps. To provide more design options, Taiwan Post is issuing a set of ten personal greeting stamps based on the "language of flowers." All ten stamps come in denominations of NT$3.50 and NT$5.00, and the different denominations are distinguished by different background colors. Customers may bring or send in their prettiest or most memorable photos, which will be used to create a brand new set of personal greeting stamps, with which they can send mail to their family members and friends. The designs of the stamps follow: 1. Dahlia: gratitude. Dahlia blooms represent glamour, gratitude and are sincerely offered best wishes. 2. Iris: trust. In Greek and Roman mythology, the iris represents guidance and trust. 3. Clematis: elegance. Clematis blossoms are pure and elegant. 4. Tung Blossom: joy. When it is windy, falling tung blossoms slowly twirl in the wind, creating a colorful, joyous atmosphere. 5. Rose: true love. Roses best express romantic love. 6. Sunflower: adoration, from Greek and Roman mythology. 7. Bird-of-Paradise: happiness. Locals of Cape Hope in South Africa believe that when the bird of paradise flower blooms, beautiful birds will come from far away and bring freedom, bliss and happiness. 8. East Indian Lotus: purity. Lotus blossoms are upright, unsullied, and beautiful—the very antithesis of gaudy. 9. English Daisy: vitality, vigorous flowers. 10. Balloon Flower: chastity. The flower buds appear to be proudly chaste. The non-personalized stamps of the language of flowers that will be available in the post office branches will be printed in a format of 20 stamps per sheet. The personalized ones will come in A4 sheets of ten stamps. Each stamp will have an attached tab allowing for the printing of a photo image provided by the customer. To meet different needs, these stamps will be printed either with marginal inscriptions or without marginal inscriptions (in which case the white background can be personalized by customers). Both versions will come in four different formats. The formats of the stamps follow: 1. With marginal inscriptions: two vertical-sheet and horizontal-sheet layouts each   (1.) Vertical-sheet layouts: In the first, the NT$5.00 stamps will be printed in two columns, on the far left and far right with tabs in between. In the second, the NT$3.50 stamps and tabs will occupy the lower half of the sheet; the stamps will be printed in two rows with tabs in between.   (2.) Horizontal-sheet layouts: In the first, the NT$5.00 stamps and tabs will be printed along the four edges of the sheet and the blank area in the middle will be used for the printing of a photo image provided by the customer. In the second, the NT$3.50 stamps will be printed on the top and bottom of the right half of the sheet with the tabs in between. 2. Without marginal inscriptions: the layouts of these sheets are the same as the ones with marginal inscriptions. Apart from the name of the stamp set, the place for marginal inscriptions will be left blank for customers’ own designs.
(1) First Day Cover in large size to be sold at NT$3.00 apiece. (2) Folder especially prepared for the stamps to be sold at NT$8.00 apiece. (3) Folder with crystal mount for better protection of the stamps to be sold at NT$8.00 apiece. (4) Loose-leaf stamp album with plastic cover to be sold at NT$16.00 apiece. (5) Pre-cancelled First Day Cover affixed with ten stamps denominated at NT$3.50 each to be sold at NT$38.00 apiece.To purchase relative stamps, the public can go directly to the post offices, or order on line at http://stamp.post.gov.tw