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Definitive 111 Lucky Animals Postage Stamps (1993)

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Stamp SN A111
Stamp Name Definitive 111 Lucky Animals Postage Stamps (1993)
Stamp Cat Standard Definitive Stamps
Stamp Cat Birds, Mammals, Myth
Issue date 1993-03-02
Suspersion date
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 23.5x26.5
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer China Engraving & Printing Works, R.O.C.
Designer Lin Pang-soong
Creative Director
Sheet composition 10×10
Print color
Process Deep etch offset
Paper Locally-made mat finished,
watermarked stamp paper with gum
Perforation 13 1/2
Stamp No. Issue date    Number issuedD111.1 29. 9.1993  40,000,00020. 5.1994  50,000,000D111.2 29. 9.1993  15,000,00020. 5.1994  20,000,000D111.3  2. 3.1993 110,000,000D111.4  2. 3.1993 110,000,000D111.5 29. 9.1993   6,600,000D111.6  2. 3.1993  50,000,00020. 5.1994  40,000,000D111.7  2. 3.1993  30,000,000D111.8 29. 9.1993  70,000,00020. 5.1994  70,000,000     The figures of the lucky animals were continuously created and developed by our ancestors over the past ages. They remain an abundant heritage of arts and are widely used in palace, tomb, residence, garden, furniture, tableware, clothing, etc. The figures not only show the remarkable Chinese genius in art, but also turn people's fear and adoration for the animals into the concepts of warding off evil spirits and bringing good fortune.    The motifs of the stamps are Mandarin Duck, Chinese Unicorn, Deer, Crane, Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Linnet and Black Tortoise.