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Definitive 079 Cheng Cheng kung Surcharged Issue (1953)

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Stamp SN A079
Stamp Name Definitive 079 Cheng Cheng kung Surcharged Issue (1953)
Stamp Cat Standard Definitive Stamps
Stamp Cat Martyrs
Issue date 1953-05-25
Suspersion date 1961-12-16
Dimension of stamps(mm.)
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Creative Director
Sheet composition D79.1-79.2 10×20 & 79.4-79.5
D79.3 10×10 & 79.6-79.11
Print color

(1) First Surcharge
    Stamp No.      Issue date
     D79.1	   25. 5.1953
     D79.2	   16. 7.1953
     D79.3	    1. 2.1953
     D79.4	   13. 6.1953

(2) Second Surcharge
    Stamp No.      Issue date
     D79.5	   18. 2.1955
     D79.6	    1. 8.1955
     D79.7	    1. 8.1955

(3) Third Surcharge (Issued on 16.9.1955)

  The first issue of the Cheng Cheng-kung stamps was followed by various new issues. Because of the need for low-value stamps, old stamps of high values were consequently surcharged in small denominations. The surcharges were done by the Central Engraving & Printing Works in three lots as follows:

1st surcharge. The Chinese numeral characters (No.4 Square) were overprinted vertically on the right side, and the Arabic figures and the word "cts" in English on the left. The original value was covered up with four different decorative panels.

2nd surcharge. The Chinese characters (No. 3 Square) were overprinted on both sides of the portrait. The original face value at the bottom was covered by decoration overprinted with Arabic figures (3¢denomination excepted).

3rd surcharge. The stamps were also surcharged with No.3 Square characters. The decoration deleting the original value at the bottom and the manner in which the Arabic figures were overprinted are generally similar to the 2nd Surcharge, but a plum blossom was drawn under each of the Chinese numeral characters on either side.