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Definitive 070 Dr. Sun Yat sen Gold Yuan Issues Surcharged in Silver Dollar Currency (1949)

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Stamp SN A070
Stamp Name Definitive 070 Dr. Sun Yat sen Gold Yuan Issues Surcharged in Silver Dollar Currency (1949)
Stamp Cat Standard Definitive Stamps
Stamp Cat Chiefs Of State
Issue date 1949-08-01
Suspersion date
Dimension of stamps(mm.)
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Creative Director
Sheet composition
Print color

(1)Chungking Surcharge
   Issue date:August 1949

  Ten denominations of Dr. Sun Yat-san Gold Yuan stamps were surcharged in typography by the Hwa Nan Printing Press, Chung-king, (重慶華南印務局) as silver dollar stamps. The Chinese numeral characters were overprinted on the right side of the portrait and Arabic figures on the left side. The original face value was covered by cross-like decorations. Two denominations of stamps were surcharged as 2 1/2¢, four denominations as 5¢, two denominations as 10¢, one denomination as15¢, and another denomination as 25¢. Such surcharged stamps were issued to the Postal Districts in the Southwest.

(2)Canton Surcharge
   Issue date    :September 5, 1949
   Sheet composition:20×10

  The Kwangtung District Head Post Office, which had experienced difficulties in obtaining timely supplies of basic stamps from the Postal Supply Department in Shanghai, was authorized to surcharge Dr.Sun Yat-sen Gold Yuan stamps of the Dah Tung print (1st and 2nd Prints) as silver dollar stamps for its own use .the stamps were Surcharged by the Nanking Printing Press,Canton (廣州南京印務局) with the Chinese numerals in No.5 regular-writing characters overprinted below the portrait and with Arabic figures overprinted in the upper right-hand corner .also surcharged, but not issued ,were stamps bearing the new values of 15¢,35¢,and 55¢.

  On July 2 ,1949,the national currency was changed for the second time. as a result from the 1st of August the postage was charged on silver dollar notes throughout the country . Consequently, Dr.Sun Yat-sen Gold Yung stamps of the Hwa Nan Print and the Shanghai Dah Tung Print were surcharged as silver dollar stamps in Chungking and Canton.