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Definitive 065 Revenue Stamps Converted into Basic Postage Stamps (1949)

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Stamp SN A065
Stamp Name Definitive 065 Revenue Stamps Converted into Basic Postage Stamps (1949)
Stamp Cat Standard Definitive Stamps
Stamp Cat Numeral
Issue date 1949-05-01
Suspersion date
Dimension of stamps(mm.)
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Creative Director
Sheet composition
Print color
Back Gumless
Perforation 12 1/2 - 14

(1) Shanghai Cheng Chung Surcharge
(2) Shanghai San I Surcharge
(3) Shanghai Union Surcharge

  The revenue stamps were surcharged as basic postage stamps. The original wording on the stamps was deleted with similar decorated panels as those adopted for a similar surcharge on the previous occasion. The new wording was overprinted in three horizontal lines with the characters〝中華郵政〞(Postal Administration of the Republic of China) and〝郵資××〞(Postage ××) in the upper two lines and the Arabic figures in the bottom line.

  The whole set consists of nine denominations overprinted in three styles of Chinese characters-the 1¢, 4¢, 10¢and 20¢denomination were surcharged in green, black or blue with No. 5 Seal characters by the Cheng Chung Book Co., Shanghai; the 4¢, 10¢and $1 denominations were surcharged in blue, red brown or black with No. 6 Art characters by Shanghai Union Press; and the two 50¢denominations in red with No. 6 Sung characters by the Union Printing Press of the Chung Hwa Book Co., Shanghai