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Definitive 044 Dr. Sun Yat-sen Issue, 3rd London Print (1944)

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Stamp SN A044
Stamp Name Definitive 044 Dr. Sun Yat-sen Issue, 3rd London Print (1944)
Stamp Cat Standard Definitive Stamps
Stamp Cat Chiefs Of State, Emblems
Issue date 1944-10-01
Suspension date
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 20x22.5
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer Thomas de la Rue & Co., Ltd., London
Creative Director
Sheet composition 10×20
Print color
Process Intaglio
Perforation 11 1/2-13 1/2

  During wartime, postage stamps were mostly printed in the rear. Due to poor technique and shortage of the required materials, the product was generally coarse and untidy. Printing of stamps by the Thomas de la Rue & Co., Ltd., London was resumed. The original plate bearing Dr. Sun Yat-sen's portrait in intaglio was used again, and the stamps thus produced are exactly the same as those produced in the 1st London Print. The difference is that in the first print the dollar stamps were bi-colored. But for the sake of economy, all stamps were printed in one color in the new print. Such stamps are generally known as 〝London Print Single Color Stamps.〞 The whole set consists of seven denominations. $1 and $2 stamps were issued in October 1944, while $20, $30 and $50 stamps were issued since March 1946.But the $4 and $5 stamps were not issued. Consequently there are only five denominations.