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Def 027 Dr. Sun Yat-sen Issue, 2nd Hongkong Chung Hwa Print (1939)

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Stamp SN A027
Stamp Name Def 027 Dr. Sun Yat-sen Issue, 2nd Hongkong Chung Hwa Print (1939)
Stamp Cat Standard Definitive Stamps
Stamp Cat Chiefs Of State, Emblems
Issue date 1939-03-01
Suspersion date
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 19.5x23
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer Chung Hwa Book Co.,Hongkong
Creative Director
Sheet composition D27.1-27.10 20×10
D27.11-27.15 10×5
Print color
Process Intaglio
Perforation 12 1/2及14
Issue date :Since August 16, 1942
Perforation :12 1/2
Sheet composition:10×5
Dimension (mm.) :19.5×23
Process :Intaglio
Printer :Chung Hwa Book Co.,Hongkong
The stamps printed in the 3rd batch (2nd print) by the Chung Hwa Book Co., Hongkong are also of Dr. Sun’s portrait design, but the horizontal long panel above the national emblem is filled with short perpendicular lines, hence they are commonly known as the 〝Fully Shaded Stamps〞(P-30).

  At the time of printing, there was a strike in the Chung Hwa Book Co. and printing work was brought to a standstill. With a view to avoiding delays, part of stamps already printed by that Company, but not perforated, was turned over to the Dah Tung Book Co. for perforation. The perforation machine of the Dah Tung Book Co. was 14 as compared with 12 1/2 of the Chung Hwa Book Co. As a result, this printing of stamps was of two kinds of perforation- the〝Thick Teeth〞kind made by Chung Hwa and the 〝Fine Teeth〞kind made by Dah Tung. The former was composed of all unwatermarked stamps of the first 15 denominations mentioned above, while the 〝Fine Teeth〞kind was of 2¢, 5¢(green), $1, $2, $5 and $10 denominations only. Watermarked paper bearing the Chinese Seal character〝郵〞 was used for 5 dollar denomination stamps printed later by the Chung Hwa Book Co.(P-31).The design, color, and plates remained unchanged.