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Dongsha Atoll National Park Postage Stamps

Dongsha Atoll National Park Postage Stamps
Dongsha Atoll National Park, the Republic of China's seventh national park, is the nation's first marine national park. It is located at the northern edge of South China Sea, and because of its special geological and ecological features, it supports abundant marine life. To introduce the beauty of Dongsha Atoll National Park, Chunghwa Post is specially releasing a set of four stamps on Dongsha Atoll, Dongsha Coral Reef, Dongsha Seagrass Bed, and Dongsha Island on February 21, 2019. Descriptions of the designs follow:
1. Dongsha Atoll (NT$8): Located around 450 km southwest of Kaohsiung and arrayed in a nearly circular shape, with a diameter of about 25 km and a total area of about 500 km2, Dongsha Atoll was created from hermatypic corals over tens of millions of years. Red-breasted wrasse is a commonly seen fish here of the Labridae family. Brightly colored with conical teeth, it is a carnivore, eating mostly shellfish and crustaceans.
2. Dongsha Coral Reef (NT$13): Dongsha Atoll is famous for its coral reef ecosystem, which supports splendidly diverse marine life. Yellowhead demoiselle is a fish endemic to South China Sea. Its body is white, with a hint of orange hue to its back half. From the rostral organ over the eyes to the base of the dorsal fin, it is bright yellow. It lives in shallow waters where reef meets sand.
3. Dongsha Seagrass Bed (NT$15): Seagrass beds spread over the lagoons in Dongsha Island and the shallow seas around the atoll, providing excellent habitat for small animals, where they can both find food and hide themselves. Spotted eagle ray has snowflake-like white spots spread over its back and a white belly. Its tail is long and slender. It is a commonly seen cartilaginous fish in the waters around Dongsha.
4. Dongsha Island (NT$28): Located on the western side of Dongsha Atoll, formed by accumulations of coral sand and shell fragments, Dongsha Island protrudes above the surface of the water year-round. The entire island is low-lying and flat, comprising an area of around 174 hectares. White-breasted waterhen is currently the island's only non-migratory bird species. Measuring about 30 cm in length, adult's upper body is black with a white section stretching from its cheeks to its belly. It mostly lives among the island's shrubs.    
These stamps were painted by marine painter Mr. Jheng Yi-lang and printed by Cardon Enterprise Co., Ltd. in color offset. A first-day cover, folders with and without crystal mounts, a loose-leaf album page and maximum cards will be released along with the stamps and will go on sale on February 19, 2019. A pre-cancelled FDC with one NT$8-denominated stamp or the full set of stamps will go on sale on February 21, 2019, the stamps' date of issuance. For further information, please refer to the upcoming Philatelic Bulletin or Postal Service Today.
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