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Railway Bridges of Taiwan Postage Stamps

The history of railways in Taiwan spans more than 100 years. Just as the appearance and functions of trains and stations have been continually progressing, so too have railway bridges demonstrated constant evolution and innovation. To introduce the beauty of Taiwan’s railway bridges, Chunghwa Post has specially chosen the following bridges with trains on them for a series of four stamps that is scheduled to be released on June 9, 2017:  
(1) The Dongshan River Bridge (NT$5): This bridge is located on the Yilan line, between the Luodong and Dongshan stations. Set amid the beautiful scenery of Yilan, the bridge was renovated by the Taiwan Railways Administration in the1990s, when a decision was made to replace the standard steel truss structure along its side with a framework resembling mountains, featuring higher rising segments that resemble mountain peaks. A teal paint was applied to highlight the lush green of the Lanyang Plain, which receives ample rain, as well as to create resonance with the arching rain canopy of the nearby Dongshan Station, which is regarded as the most beautiful station in Taiwan. The Taroko Express on the bridge is mainly operated on the Eastern Trunk Line.
(2) The Youkeng Bridge (NT$5): Located on the Taiwan Railways Pingxi Branch Line, between the Sandiaoling and Dahua stations, this bridge was originally used by a mining company. It was then purchased by the Japanese colonial administration in 1929 and converted for passenger and freight service. It is Taiwan’s only bridge with a “fish belly” curve. When a train passes along its arc, passengers in the front cars and back cars can catch glimpses of each other. Normally, diesel engines pull the trains that cross the bridge, but for special occasions steam engines are used.
(3) The Carp Pond Bridge (NT$12): Located over the Jingshan River, a branch of the Da-an river, on the Taichung Mountain Line, it bridges two mountains over a flat valley, connecting to the Sanyi Tunnel in the north and the Santai Tunnel in the south. One of the most outstanding examples in Taiwan of a railway bridge made from pre-stressed reinforced concrete, the bridge is formed from a series of long span arches. As of today, no single span of any other railway bridge in Taiwan surpasses the length of this bridge’s spans. The electric train pictured on the bridge with its distinctive “smiley face” on the front car is mainly used along the Western Trunk Line, the Yilan Line and the Northern Link Line.
(4) The Da-an River Bridge (NT$12): Located between the Sanyi and Tai-an stations on the Taichung Mountain Line, this bridge spans the Da-an River separating Miaoli County and Taichung City. Holding two tracks, the bridge connects in the north to the Taichung Mountain Line’s No. 2 Tunnel and connects in the south to the Tai-an Viaduct before proceeding to the No. 3 tunnel. All told, the bridge and the viaduct run for 3,026 meters, crossing the Da-an River like a giant airborne dragon. The Puyuma Express shown on the bridge plies the Eastern and Western trunk lines.

The stamps are designed by Delta Design Corporation and printed by Cardon Enterprise Co., Ltd. in color offset. By-issues including a first-day cover, folders with and without crystal mounts, and a loose-leaf album page will be released along with the stamps and will go on sale on June 7, 2017. A pre-canceled FDC with a NT$5-denominated stamp or the full set of stamps will go on sale on June 9, 2017, the stamps’date of issuance.
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