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What are the requisites for the registration of newspapers or magazines at the post office?

Required documents include three completed copies of the newspaper/magazine registration
form, accompanied by three recent issues of the newspapers/magazine. Additional
requirements are:

A. For a company: the original copy and one photocopy of the business registration document,
  which clearly indicates the issue of the newspapers or magazines;

B.  For a private legal person, group, or private school: the original copy and one photocopy of
  the document giving authorization for the issue of the newspaper or the magazine by the
  regulatory government department;

C.  For a government or public organization: the official chops should be sealed on the
  registration form.

How does one apply for a self-print prepayment impression?

On the condition that domestic letter-post items are all of the same category and there are over 100 pcs. per posting, the sender can complete an application form. After approval, prepayment impressions can be printed in advance on envelopes according to the format regulated by the post. The sender should reserve the amount to be posted within each month and settle the account within the first 10 days of the following month. However, for domestic speedpost and parcel account holders, or for senders paying the postage at the time of posting, there is no reserve required.

How does one send mail bearing self-print prepayment impressions?

The mail should be posted at post office counters. It will be treated as underpaid if inserted into postal boxes without the proper amount of attached postage stamps. For domestic letter-post items over 20 pcs. per posting within the same category and at the same postage rates, the sender need only remit the total postage. The post office will then stamp a "postage paid" impression on each piece. International ordinary letter-post items are treated in an identical manner.

How does one apply for a postal franking machine?

After an application is authorized, postal franking machines can be leased or purchased from companies approved by the post office.

How does one send mail prepaid by means of a franking machine?

The mail should be posted at post office counters. It will be treated as underpaid if inserted into the postal boxes. The franking machine impressions should be printed on the items or on blank papers which are affixed to the items. Posting of the items should occur on the same date as that of the frank impression.

What is the "unaddressed mail" service?

"Unaddressed mail"?is domestic letters, postcards, printed papers, newspapers, magazines and small packets (excluding election propaganda) that is sent in bulk without individual addresses written on each item.

Who may send "unaddressed mail"?

Government organizations, enterprises and religious groups may send bulk commercial letters or printed papers to anyone to promote service or products as "unaddressed mail".

How does one send "unaddressed mail"?

The sender should pre-sort the mail according to the city and volume. The name of the city and the volume should be indicated on each box, which is then sent to the designated post offices or transferring offices.

What is a "legal attest" letter?

All categories of registered letters posted with copies of precisely identical contents deposited with the post office to serve as legal evidences are called legal attest letters.

How does one send a "legal attest" letter?

Legal attest letters are accepted only at the post offices operating such service; they may, however, be mailed to any domestic deliverable addresses. The papers for the legal attest letters are available at post offices island-wide. Another alternative is to download them from the Chinese Postal Service website at: http://www.post.gov.tw/download.htm
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