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Postal GiroMedia Transfer

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What is the Media Transferring pre-paid service?
The corporate receives payment periodically by the service. The post offices will being authorized to receive variety of payment. Submit the information (in tape, disk or direct past to the post office) one day before the payday. Then, applicant will receive the transferring funds on the payday to applicant's account. So does the account statement will be sent through the media on the payday.

Agency service list
Credit card payment, installment, insurance fee, labor membership fee, invest trust funds, and donation,etc.
Should be paid based on month or periodical through the computer processing.
Corporation should open the postal giro savings account, and sign the contract with the following postal offices, and above first grade post offices. The person paid should have the pass-book savings or postal giro transferring service. Welcome funds transferring through media kit download (9954KB)
Authority Code:
Success download
per fee
Under 5,000 files NT$10
5,000~49,999 files NT$ 9
50,000~99,999 files NT$ 8
100,000~199,999 files NT$ 7
200,000~299,999 files NT$ 6
over 300,000 files NT$ 5
Telephone Inquiry
Taipei:02-23821820 Keelung:02-24210115
Banqiao:02-22570132#407 Sanchong:02-29891066
Taoyuan:03-3395572 Hualien:03-8338698
Yilan:03-9322187#405 Hsinchu:03-5241294
Taichung:04-22225221 Miaoli:037-336820
Changhua:04-7616690#403 Chiayi:05-2860352
Nantou:049-2205735 Yunlin:05-5322021#402
Tainan:06-2226930 Taitung:089-320460
Kaohsiung:07-2168935 Xinying:06-6352086
Penghu:06-9269442 Pingtung:08-7325789
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