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Postal GiroBroker For Payment

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A. Agential Service for Water and Utility charges Utility Charge Payment

Assist you to pay the water bill, electricity bill, gas tax, and telephone bill. Once apply, serve lifetime.

Pay your bill auto on time, no default.
Easy-to-read statement, no mistake.
Receive sending, no walk need.
Please submit one copy of the recent monthly paid bill or receipt to local post office for applying.
B. Financial Service of Mutual Fund Payment
We offer purchase services for some domestic mutual funds at the appointed post offices.
The purchase services include lump sum investment or a periodic purchase plan.
If you need assistance with an application, please contact with the counter at the appointed post offices, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. for open hours.
When you invest in mutual funds, it is important to consider your objectives and risk tolerance. The value of these investment can go up or down so you should select funds that will meet your investment goals and risk preference.
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