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Postal SavingMoney Exchanger & Travelers Cheques

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Business Range
Money Exchanger
The various currencies traded at appointed post offices include USD, JPY, EUR, HKD ,and CNY. (according to actual currencies provided by appointed post offices)
Exchange old version. (a certain amount of service fee will be charged based on specific conditions)
Travelers Cheques in US Dollars
We offer multiple denominations of Travelers Cheques for customers to choose from.(The types and denominations of Travelers Cheques sold by appointed post offices might vary. If you wish to purchase them, please contact appointed post offices by phone in advance.)
Applying procedure
Please bring your identity document, fill out the application to appointed post offices where they will offer the Money Exchanger and Travelers Cheques in US Dollars service.
Please click here for details of our Money Exchanger & Travelers Cheques fees as a reference.
Services hours
As well as business hours of appointed post offices.
The amount of Renminbi purchased or sold by our customers shall be limited to CNY20,000 for each transaction per person.
Each of our customers purchases Travelers Cheques of the daily maximum of USD 25,000.
If the amount of each foreign exchange settlement exceeds NT$500,000 or the equivalent in other currencies, the Applicant shall also fill in “Declaration Statement of Foreign Exchange Receipts and Disbursements or Transactions” as required by Central Bank of the Republic of China(Taiwan).
*Please click here for details of Foreign Exchange Rates as a reference.
*Please click here for appointed locations where post offices offer the Money Exchanger & Travelers Cheques in US Dollars services.
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