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Postal SavingIntegrated Postal Savings

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The integrated postal savings account combines savings and fixed deposits into a single savings account. Deposits and withdrawals can be made as previously arranged by presenting the corresponding account book. For account holders who have applied for automatic pledge services, all fixed deposits under the integrated postal savings account are pledged by default. If the savings account has insufficient funds, a loan can be automatically drawn on the pledged fixed deposits to cover the savings account; loans drawn will be automatically repaid once deposits are received in the savings account.
According to the Section 19 of the Postal Remittances and Savings Law, "Savings accounts are limited to one per person or per organization only". For account holders who have already opened a savings account and wish to open an integrated postal savings account, please present your account book, authorized seal, and ID to change the savings account into an integrated postal savings account. The opening of additional accounts is not permitted.
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