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Post Office Locations

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No. 005117-8
Name Chiayi Chenggong Street Post Office(Chiayi Branch 17)
Set-up Date 1976/10/16
Phone for Postal Service: (05)228-7742
for Banking Service:(05)228-7742
Fax for Postal Service: (05)222-0408
for Banking Service:(05)222-0408
Address No. 112, Chenggong St., West Dist., Chiayi 600022, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Zipcode 60054
Business Hours   Postal Business Hours:(08:30-17:00 )
  Banking Service Hours:(08:30-17:00 )
Business Hours Remarks

Brief Introduction

Monday to Friday until 15:30.Remittances can be accepted during the business hours, but they must be remitted to the account on the next business day of the bank (and the post office is open),and do not offer service during Post Office Extended Hours.
The Post Office Providing Services in Mutual Funds
Fixed Saving
Postal Giro
Personal Credit Report Application
Passbook Saving
Domestic Remittance
Automatic Teller Machine
Automatic Teller Machine With Passbook Entry
Passbook Updater(Lobby)
instant ATM card issuing
Queue Number for banking and life insurance services
Post Offices Available for International EMS
Post Offices Available for Domestic Speedpost
Photocopying Services
Designated Post Office for Bulk Mail
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