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Postage Rates EnquiryInternational Parcels and EMS Items

Last updated:2019/04/15
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Special Charges

International Parcels



Premium for EMS Insurance
Please input the weight of the item
Please input the dimensions
Length: x Width: x Height: cm / 6 = Kg
In roll form (please tick and input length, width)
※The sum of the length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than that of the length means length x 1+width x 2+height x 2.(Not include:Kuwait,Luxembourg,Konya)

The postage rate is calculated by the greater of the volumetric weight and the actual weight

(Effective Mar. 1, 2013). Please refer to the price table for the postage rate.

Volumetric weight (kg) = length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) ÷ 6,000.

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