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Postal SavingInternational Remittances

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Outward remittance: It is fast, safe and convenient.
Target Group: the customers have accounts with Chunghwa Post.
International outward remittance:
It is made via telegraphic transfer ( T / T ). The remitter shall provide the beneficiary's name, address including Street, City, State, Zip Code and Country(P. O. box is not allowed), telephone number, A/C number, A/C with bank, and SWIFT code.
This service offers you to send funds across multiple countries.
Currency: USD, HKD, EUR , or CNY.
Outward Remittance from Taiwan to Mainland China:
It is made via telegraphic transfer ( T / T ). The remitter shall provide the beneficiary's name, address including Street, City, State, Zip Code and Country(P. O. box is not allowed), telephone number, A/C number and A/C with bank.
For CNY remittance to mainland China, CNAPS code must be provided.
It shall be limited to USD 30,000(or equivalent) for each transaction.
For CNY remittance, it shall be limited to CNY 20,000 per day per person, and only Taiwan Area residents with Personal identification document can remit CNY.
Currency: USD , HKD, EUR , or CNY.
On-line Post Office also offers International Outward Remittances Service, please contact our appointed post offices which deal with International Remittances in advance.
Inward Remittance:
Inward remittance may be completed speedily through the SWIFT system of our cooperative bank, BANK SINOPAC.
Currency: USD, HKD, EUR , or CNY only.
Remitters shall provide the following information:
Beneficiary's Name: Beneficiary's English Name
Example: Chen, Lin Lin
Beneficiary's A/C No.:700+ Beneficiary's A/C No.(14 digits), a total of 17 digits.
Payment Details: Beneficiary's Address(including Street, City, State, Zip Code and Country) and Telephone Number
Correspondent Bank:
a.USD: CitiBank, N.A. New York, USA (SWIFT Code:CITIUS33)
b.HKD: Bank SinoPac, Hong Kong branch, Hong Kong (SWIFT Code: SINOHKHH)
c.EUR: Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt (SWIFT Code: COBADEFF)
d.CNY: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing, China (SWIFT Code: ICBKCNBJ) CNAPS NUMBER:1021-0009-9996
International Postal Money Order ("MO"):It is safe and convenient for remitting overseas.
Card system:
International postal MO (MP1 bis or MP12 bis) is issued by remitting countries to beneficiary for getting paid through the countries cashing MO. Countries adopting card system include France.
List System:
Detailed list of remittance is written on detailed list of international postal MO and sent by remitting countries to exchange bureau of the countries cashing MO.
And then according to detailed list of remittance, exchange bureau will make paying ticket of international postal MO for beneficiary for getting paid.
Countries adopting list system include Italy, Korea and Malaysia.
Inward remittance: The post office appointed and listed on International Postal MO or Domestic Paying Order by our company is available for dealing with paying for MO.
Outward remittance: It shall be limited to USD 30,000 or its equivalent in Euro for each transaction.
Target Group: the customers have accounts with Chunghwa Post.
Applying procedure:
Please bring your valid identity document to appointed post offices which offer International Remittance Services:
Taiwan Area residents: Personal identification document.
Mainland Area residents: Entry and Exit Permit or Resident Certificate issued by the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior.
Hong Kong and Macao Area residents: Entry and Exit Permit , the temporary entry permit notice or Resident Certificate.
Residents of other countries or districts: Passport, Entry and Exit Permit or Resident Certificate.
Please click here for details of international remittance service fees as a reference.
The amount and fee of remittance only accept NTD. The payment of refund is paid by NTD at the buying rate in transaction.
In addition to the fee charged from remitter or beneficiary, any additional service fees are charged by the correspondent bank or beneficiary bank with reference to international customs and such extra costs will be deducted from the amount remitted.
The applicant agrees to reimburse the Post for any costs incurred as a result of application for enquire, amendment, or refund concerning the Outward Remittance.
The available rates over the counter are according to our quoted rates at that time in transaction.
If the amount of remittance exceeds NTD 500,000 or the equivalent amount in other currencies, the Applicant shall also fill in “Declaration Statement of Foreign Exchange Receipts and Disbursements or Transactions” as required by Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan).
A single remittance exceeding NTD 500,000 by a natural person under 20 years of age, bearing a Citizen's ID Card, a relevant Taiwan Area Resident Certificate, or an Alien Resident Certificate with a validity of more than one year from the date of issuance may not be processed until the declarant has received approval from the Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) by submitting the Declaration Statement along with evidencing documents.
The outward remittance beneficiary shall comply with the local banking laws and regulations when settling the remittance.
As remitting Renminbi ("RMB") inward and outward Mainland China will be subject to the relevant laws and regulations of Mainland China. If it does not meet the qualification requirements under local laws and regulations, the client may bear the following risks when engaging in RMB Transactions:
a. If the client remits RMB funds inward Mainland China but such remittance could not be completed due to the aforementioned reason, the Post will assist in the return of such remitted amount, provided that the required postal/telecom fees and fees charged by foreign banks should be borne by the client and will be deducted from the returned amount directly. Please be advised that the laws and regulations in Mainland China may change at any time and from time to time.
b. The client should fully understand that RMB will be subject to fluctuations in exchange rates, and such fluctuations may result in transaction risks and evaluation losses.
Please click here for details of Foreign Exchange Rates as a reference.
Please click here for appointed locations where post offices offer international remittance Services.
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