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Operational Policies (2019) Regarding the execution of government policies
1.Coordinate with the economy policy, expand investment in public construction and support private investment projects to boost economic momentum.
2.Coordinate with the financial policy to provide primary economic security to all citizens, and assist in establishing social safety nets.
3.Coordinate with the cross-strait policy, and enhance bilateral business cooperation relationships to provide the public with fast and convenient postal service.
4.Coordinate with the asset policy, and activate and create asset value to increase revenues.
5.Enhance and develop deeper and more practical cooperation on postal business with Southeast Asian countries to coordinate with current New Southbound Policy agenda.
Regarding management
1.Integrate postal resources and develop a diversity of products to provide the most available and high quality services on postal, savings and life insurance businesses.
2.Develop smart logistics to broaden the scope of postal services and satisfy the needs of delivery of packages and parcel posts to expand the operational niches.
3.Deliberately and properly make plans for asset allocation, enhance the effectiveness of postal capital deployment, and activate asset operation to promote the developmental value.
4.Make the most of IT technology, enhance information security and adjust operational procedures to improve the effectiveness of postal service.
5.Strengthen human resources management, actively build a diverse talent pool and enhance business competitive advantages.
6.Strengthen corporate governance, improve the financial structure and enhance the risk management and control ability.
7.Actively participate in various public welfare/charity activities and continue to improve the promotion of caring elderly who are living alone and related postal services to accomplish social responsibilities and build respectable corporate image.
8.Introduce electricity vehicles to gradually replace conventional vehicles consuming fossil fuels to promote green energy, energy efficiency and carbon reduction.
9.Promote the transition to digital financing to provide virtual/reality services in response to the trends of digitalization of financial services.
Regarding supply and demand
1.Take initiative to purchase, build or beautify postal properties and enhance service facilities, based on the improvement of service quality and operational effectiveness, to create a bright, comfortable and customer-friendly environment.
2.Expand the functional ability of IT equipment and systems, based on the improvement of operational effectiveness, to satisfy the diversified needs of customers.
3.Construct the postal logistics park, based on the development of business, to provide supporting services for the industry and build up the corporate's competitive advantage.
4.Provide the service of smart logistic mailbox available for receiving/delivering mailing pieces 24/7 (i-box) in response to trends of automation development.
5.Establish comprehensive platform and system for cross-border logistics services to promote transition development of conventional postal business operation in domestic and support Taiwanese industries to expand international market shares in order to adapt in network economy trends.
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