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Postage Rates
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Domestic Speedpost Items

*( Effective 1 Feb. 2007 )                                                                                                             (Unit NT$ )

weight (kg)

???Intracity and Intracounty in Taiwan proper
???Between Taipei city/New Taipei city and Keelung city
???Intraisland in outlying islands

???Intercity or Intercounty in Taiwan proper

???Between Taiwan Proper and outlying islands
??? Intraisland in outlying islands

up to 250 g 80 120 140
Above 250 g
up to 1 kg
100 150 170
Above 1 kg
up to 5 kg
130 190 200
Above 5 kg
up to 10 kg
170 250 275
Above 10 kg
up to 15 kg
210 320 350
Above 15 kg
up to 20 kg
250 400 425
Charges for value declared Legal tenders
  • Value declared NT$1,000 or less: NT$14;
  • Exceeding NT$1,000, every NT$1,000 of value declaration or fraction thereof: NT$9;
  • Maximum value declaration: NT$10,000.
Non-legal tenders
  • Every NT$1,000 of value declaration, or fraction thereof: NT$4;
  • Maximum value declaration: NT$50,000
Collect-on-delivery charge

In addition to domestic
speedpost postage

Value collected up to NT$5,000 NT$30
Value collected above NT$5,000 up to NT$10,000 NT$60
Value collected above NT$10,000 up to NT$15,000 NT$90
Value collected above NT$15,000 up to NT$20,000 NT$110
Value collected above NT$20,000 up to NT$25,000 NT$130
Value collected above NT$25,000 up to NT$30,000 NT$150
Value collected above NT$30,000 up to NT$35,000 NT$170
Value collected above NT$35,000 up to NT$40,000 NT$190
Value collected above NT$40,000 up to NT$45,000 NT$210
Value collected above NT$45,000 up to NT$50,000 NT$230
Advice of receipt NT$40 per item
Redirection Fresh speedpost postage between destination and redirection, or fresh prompt delivery parcel postage in case the redirected address is not within speedpost network
Handling charges for postage paid by addressee NT$8 per item
1.Intracity and intracounty indicates the same name of the cities, for example, Taipei city and New Taipei city. Intercity or intercounty indicates different cities or counties, for example, Taipei city (New Taipei city) and Taichung city.

2.Maximum weight limit for Matsu: 500 g, Maximum weight limit for other destinations: 20 kg

Jinshan Building Address : No.55, Sec. 2, Jinshan S. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 10603, Taiwan (R.O.C.).
TEL : +886-2-2321-4311、TEL : +886-2-2392-1310
Aiguo Building Address :No.216, Aiguo E. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 10603, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL : +886-2-2393-1261、TEL : +886-2-2321-3625
Customer Service Center voice service hotline : 0800-700-365, or payment number (04)23542030 if you dial through a cell phone .
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