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Postage Rates
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Domestic Letter-Post Items

*Postage rates ( Effective July 15, 1999 Unit NT$ )

Category Up to20g 21-50g 51-100g 101-250g 251-500g 501-1000g 1001-2000g remarks
Letter-post items ordinary 5 10 15 25 45 80 130 weight limit: 2kg
Prompt delivery 12 17 22 32 52 87 137
registered 25 30 35 45 65 100 150
Prompt registered 32 37 42 52 72 107 157
Registered with AR 34 39 44 54 74 109 159
Prompt registered with AR 41 46 51 61 81 116 166
Printed papers Ordinary 3.5 3.5 7 10 20 35 55 weight limit: 2kg, for a single book: 5kg
Prompt delivery 10.5 10.5 14 17 27 42 62
Registered 23.5 23.5 27 30 40 55 75
Prompt registered 30.5 30.5 34 37 47 62 82
Registered with AR 32.5 32.5 36 39 49 64 84
Prompt registered with AR 39.5 39.5 43 46 56 71 91
Newspapers NT$1.25 for every 50g(weight limit 2kg)
Magazines NT$1.75 for every 50g (weight limit: 2kg)
Postcards NT$2.5 per item¡ANT$9,5 per item for each prompt delivery postcard
Small packets NT$10 for every 100g (weight limit: 1kg)
Aerogramme NT$4 per item


*Special charges

Special Services Registered In addition to ordianry postage Per item NT$20
Prompt delivery Per item NT$7
Airmail Every 20g NT$2
Collect-on-delivery charge In addition to ordinary and other special charges. Value collected up to NT$5,000 NT$30
Value collected above NT$5,000 up to NT$10,000 NT$60
Value collected above NT$10,000 up to NT$15,000 NT$90
Value collected above NT$15,000, every NT$5,000 or fraction thereof (maximum value collected NT$50,000) NT$20
Business reply letter Per item NT$0.4
Value-declared Legal tender inserted Value declared NT$1,000 or less NT$14
Value declared over NT$1,000, every NT$1,000 or fraction thereof (maximum value declared NT$10,000) NT$9
Non-legal tender inserted Value declared every NT$1,000 or fraction thereof (maximum value declared NT$50,000) NT$4
Insurance Insured value not over NT$6,000 NT$24
Insured value over NT$6,000, every NT$1,000 or fraction thereof(maximum insured value NT$ 100,000 ) NT$4
Legal attest letter First page NT$50
Every succeeding page NT$25


*Other charges

category Unit to which the charges apply  Charges(NT$)
Advice of delivery Per item 9.00
Duplicate advice of delivery Per item 20.00
Enquiry by fax Per item (except speedpost items ) 15.00
Request for withdrawal from the post or alteration / correction of address Per item 15.00
Duplicate receipt Per item 20.00
Request for alteration of COD charges Per item 8.00
Certificate of ordinary items posted Item posted under 20 pcs. at one time, per item 0.40
From the 21st item, per item 0.20
Handling charges on unpaid or underpaid items Per item 5.00
Demurrage fee for printed papers From the 16th day of retention, per day per item 2.00


Customer Service Center(Toll Free Number) 0800-700-365
Jinshan Building Address : No.55, Sec. 2, Jinshan S. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 10603, Taiwan (R.O.C.).
TEL : +886-2-2321-4311、TEL : +886-2-2392-1310
Aiguo Building Address :No.216, Aiguo E. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 10603, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL : +886-2-2393-1261、TEL : +886-2-2321-3625
Customer Service Center voice service hotline : 0800-700-365, or payment number (04)23542030 if you dial through a cell phone .
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