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Personal Stamps
*How to Order(for foreign orders)
*Personal Greeting Stamps Order Form(Download)
*Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
These are the Terms and Conditions that you agree to be bound by, so please read them carefully and sign your name before submitting your order.
  1. You warrant that you own the copyright of the personal photo or image you submitted, or have the copyright owner¡¦s permission to copy.
  2. You warrant that you have obtained the necessary authority of all people whose image, or property, is reproduced in the photo. (Authority may be given by a guardian in favor of an infant.)
  3. ROC Post owns copyright of the Personal Greeting Stamps. Any reproduction or authorization to reproduce the Personal Greeting Stamps is not permitted.
  4. The photo image created by the photo submitted will not be stored. Therefore, reordering of the photo image will not be possible.
  5. ROC Post reserves the right to assess the possibility of printing a photo image, either submitted by you or taken at the post office. If such image is unacceptable, the post office may cancel your order without any reason. Your photo will be promptly returned and payment will be refunded.
  6. If ROC Post for any reason suspects that the copying of the photo you have submitted will infringe copyright in that material, ROC Post reserves the right to ask you to prove that you have the right to copy the photo and that permission has been obtained from other persons featured in the photo. If you are unable to prove either of the above upon request, ROC Post may refuse to copy the photo. In case instances, ROC Post will promptly return your photo and refund your payment.
  7. Any photo submitted or image taken at the post office shall not contain or imply or suggest any or part of the following:
    1. Hatred to any race, sex, religion, body color, politics or any political opinions, nationality or society or groups of any other kind.
    2. Infringement to any laws or regulations.
    3. Harm to any public health, social order, good habits or moral value.
    4. Conspiracy or advocate to blaspheme, seditions, revolt or defame.
  8. If ROC Post, for any reason, suspects that term 7 above has been disobeyed, ROC Post may refuse the application of an order, and the photo will be returned and payment will be refunded. The post office will not be responsible for any loss, damage or expense arising from the cancellation of such order.
  9. You warrant that photo image you submitted or taken at the post office shall not infringe copyright of any third party, including copyright, intellectual property and any other rights. Otherwise you shall be responsible for any consequent claim and agree that ROC Post indemnify against such responsibilities.
  10. You agree to indemnify ROC Post against all claims, actions, proceedings liabilities, losses demands, charges, cost, damages or expenses. ROC Post may suffer or incur in connection with any breach of the terms and conditions herein, including any infringement of a third party¡¦s intellectual property rights existing in any photo submitted or any part thereof or unauthorized use of a third party¡¦s image, design or other material, or any part thereof.
  11. Variations in color, image quality and position may occur in the finished product. You acknowledge that the finished photo image is dependent on the quality of the photo you submitted. To the extent permitted by law, ROC Post will not refund or replace an order.
  12. Each postage stamp on the sheet of the Personal Greeting Stamps may be used to pay postage on a postal article. Personal photo image¡]tabs¡^shall be deemed as a part of the stamp only and shall not be used as a payment for postage by itself.
  13. Stamp designs are subject to change without notice. Price may be varied at any time at ROC Post¡¦s discretion.
  14. Orders must be placed using the original forms provided by ROC Post, or downloading from our website: http://www.post.gov.tw.
  15. All order forms must be signed by the customer accepting ROC Post¡¦s terms and conditions before an order will be processed.
  16. The delivery service provided by ROC Post pursuant to these terms and conditions is subject to the Postal Laws and relative regulations.
  17. The processing of Personal Greeting Stamps is subject to the designated time and order will be delivered vice versa. However, delivery delays may be experienced. In such instances, ROC Post shall not refund the payment and shall indemnify against any loss or damage arising from such delays.
Jinshan Building Address : No.55, Sec. 2, Jinshan S. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 10603, Taiwan (R.O.C.).
TEL : +886-2-2321-4311、TEL : +886-2-2392-1310
Aiguo Building Address :No.216, Aiguo E. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 10603, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL : +886-2-2393-1261、TEL : +886-2-2321-3625
Customer Service Center voice service hotline : 0800-700-365, or payment number (04)23542030 if you dial through a cell phone .
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