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Ancient Chinese Paintings from the National Palace Museum (II)

Immortal Blossoms of an Eternal Spring (II)

After releasing “Ancient Chinese Paintings from the National Palace Museum Postage Stamps: Immortal Blossoms of an Eternal Spring (I)” on March 29, 2016, Chunghwa Post is following up with a second issue. The set of eight stamps is scheduled to be released on April 26, 2017.
The eight compositions from Castiglione’s album presented in this set include “Poppies” (NT$5), “White and Purple Lilacs” (NT$5), “Tiger Lilies and Winding Peonies” (NT$7), “Emerald Bamboo and Morning Glories” (NT$9), “Lotuses and Arrowhead” (NT$10), “Pea Blossoms and Millet Stalks” (NT$10), “Cockscomb” (NT$12), and “Chrysanthemums”(NT$12). The elegant, vivid depictions of flowers and birds feature vibrant colors.
This set of stamps is designed by Tseng Kai-chi and printed by Cardon Enterprise Co., Ltd. in color offset. By-issues including a first-day cover, folders with and without crystal mounts, a loose-leaf album page and a set of maximum cards will be released along with the stamps on April 24, 2017. A pre-cancelled FDC with either a NT$5-denominated stamp or the full set of stamps, along with a set of pre-cancelled maximum cards and a stamp pictorial will go on sale on April 26, 2017, the stamps’ date of issuance.
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